2023 Harvest Workers Retreat

Our Harvest Workers 2023 Retreat is scheduled to take place in Concan, Texas, on February 3-5, 2023. The retreat is FREE! Just make your way to Concan to participate. Check-in starts at 3 on Friday. Supper will be our first scheduled activity at 6:30. We will wrap-up by Noon on Sunday. There will be an opportunity to go golfing for 9 holes at Utopia (famous golf course from 7 Days in Utopia) on Saturday afternoon for a minimal fee. Otherwise, Saturday afternoon is free time to do whatever you’d like. In addition, the LCMC Texas District will host our Annual Winter Retreat at the same location beginning in the afternoon of February 5 and wrapping up by noon on Tuesday, February 7. Eric & Pam Hulstrand will be our guest leaders for the Winter Retreat if you are interested in staying. The cost for this second retreat is $100.To learn more and register for the second retreat, go to www.lcmctexas.org/winter-retreat. Please use the following form to register or click HERE to learn more. 

course registration

Click the button below to register for any Harvest Workers course. Courses labeled “pre-order” are not yet online but will be coming soon!





course evaluation

All Harvest Workers students must complete a course evaluation prior to receiving the final grade report for the class. Evaluations will not be shared with instructors until after the instructor files a student’s final grade reports. Follow the link below to complete your course evaluation:





online classroom login

To access your online classroom, follow the link below to login. If you do not yet have your Harvest Workers classroom login, contact Bryce Formwalt: bryce@harvestworkers.net or 512-942-7776





audit a class

We are excited to offer audit versions of our classes. You have two choices when it comes to auditing classes with Harvest Workers: with or without faculty support. If you’d like the most affordable access to the online teaching and are not interested in faculty support, you can sign-up to audit a class for a reduced cost of $150 to $180. Without faculty support, all assignments are optional, and you are encouraged to share them with your pastor or other Christian mentor for feedback and evaluation.
Or you can opt spend a little more and gain access to the full program course and your teaching faculty. You will receive mentorship through 4 one-hour conferences with faculty as well as regular faculty feedback and evaluations on assignments. The total cost with faculty support is $500 to $600.  There is no admissions procedure to audit a class.